Acne Breakout

Acne vulgaris is nothing but a kind of skin disease where oil glands are found within the hair-follicles’ base develop. During puberty, these oil-glands become very much active as a result of which acnes occur.

Though acnes are mostly common with women, but male beings also develop the same at times. Though acnes do not form chronic skin trouble, but they leave irritating skin scars. Apart from puberty, there are many more potential reasons for acne breakouts and you should have a detailed knowledge about them.

Major acne types

•    Whiteheads are very much smaller in size and thus they cannot be viewed all the time with naked eyes and they usually get developed beneath the skin.

Acne Breakout

•    Cysts can be treated as one of the most painful acne breakouts and they usually end up with scars. They have got pus within them and they are very much prominent over skin surfaces.

•    Nobules are solid and larger pimples. Though they remain within skin but still they can be easily visible to the eyes. Sometimes, you might feel great pain due to the presence of these acnes.

•    Pustules can be easily identified with red bases with topmost part having pus. They also leave unwanted scars and grow bigger as a result of which they can be viewed.

•    Papules are usually pink colored and they are recognized with small bumps. If they are treated on time then they do not grow further.

•    Blackheads are quite common these days and women have become really very much frustrated with the same. They are small black-colored dots on skin surfaces and these dots sometimes appear as pigments. If you think that scrubbing can help you to remove the same, then you are wrong.

Reasons for acne occurrence

•    There are some powerful medications that can lead to acne breakouts. Some of these medicines causing acnes are androgens, prednisone, lithium, epilepsy medication and others. If you intake any of these medicines in a consistent manner, then you might develop acnes on your skin.

•    If you apply cosmetics too much on your skin, then you might develop acnes all of a sudden. This is the reason only branded and organic cosmetics are suggested to be chosen for getting freedom from acnes. Skin pores often get closed with the absorption of greasy substances from the cosmetic products. Thus, oil-based products should be replaced by water-based cosmetics.

•    Genetics can also be treated as one of the most powerful causes for the occurrence of acnes. It has been found in a medical survey that acnes of parents get genetically transferred to the kids.

•    Hormonal changes are now considered as one of the leading reasons for Acne Breakout. During puberty time, both male and female beings face acute hormonal changes and this leads to the occurrence of acnes.

•    Stress and other unwanted mental disturbances are highly responsible for acnes. On the other hand, if you have got any digestion trouble, then also acnes might occur.

How acnes get worsened?

•    Harsh scrubbing can be quite harmful for acnes and thus it needs to be avoided. Rubbing or leaning-on your skin might create friction which leads to adverse reactions.

•    Squeezing or picking blemishes can be quite harmful and can create deep scars of pimples. Moreover, this kind of activity is also painful at times.

•    Acute stress can increase the outburst of pimples to a great extent and thus it needs to be controlled as soon as possible.

•    Pressure from tight collars, backpacks and bike helmets can make the acnes worse than ever.

How to get right treatment for acnes?

Acne breakouts might occur in any part of your body and some of the common areas are neck, shoulder, chest, back and face. Until and unless the actual reason of the acnes is detected you will not be able to get the right treatment.

Therefore, it is better to have a detailed medical diagnosis and for that you have to move to any dermatologist. The doctor will examine the acne and will tell you the exact reason and on that basis the best treatment will be prescribed.